Published: Wed, February 07, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Police Arrest Man Wanted For Detroit Sex Assaults, Widely-Shared Child Porn

Police Arrest Man Wanted For Detroit Sex Assaults, Widely-Shared Child Porn

Moore was wanted on 11 felony charges in Alabama and Detroit.

Meanwhile, the video still circulating on Facebook and other social media as far as Colorado and France shows a young girl performing oral sex on an adult, authorities said.

Facebook also says it disables accounts that share child pornography; it is unclear how the video allegedly created and uploaded by Moore proliferated so widely. Investigators said they believed Moore was a flight risk and needed to be brought into custody. The investigation is ongoing.

"If you see something of that nature in the summary of your messages, do not actually open the message but instead delete it immediately", Marshall, Texas police wrote, per the Houston Chronicle.

Moore is charged in Alabama with sexual assault of a child, distribution of video depicting the assault and first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Prosecutors in MI say the assaults occurred in Detroit and at Moore's home in Alabama.

Anyone with investigative information on the identity of child or the suspect in this video should contact Maryland State Police at 410-653-4200.

Moore, who lives in the Millbrook area, turned himself into Millbrook police about 2:30 a.m. ICAC Lt. Brooke Walker said the media blitz Monday night led to his surrender. Another man identified as Jerrell Washington of Detroit was charged with distributing the video.

Law enforcement agencies across the country warned viewing and sharing the video is a criminal offense, no matter the intention. He's charged with distribution of a video depicting sexual assault of a child and an additional charge sexual assault of a child.

Both Moore and his fiance are in the Elmore County Jail. Do not share the video to the department's Facebook page and do not disseminate the video using Facebook Messenger.

Local, regional and worldwide police have advised their citizens that sharing the video, no mater the noblest of intentions is a criminal offence.

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