Published: Fri, February 09, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

Google Drive now enables users to comment on Microsoft files

Google Drive now enables users to comment on Microsoft files

This is great because it's fewer tabs and fewer apps, both of which are wthings I'd prefer.

Google said the ability to add comments in Drive previews is one of several features created to boost interoperability between G Suite and Microsoft's Office products. According to a report from The Verge, Google is tweaking the way users can comment within Google's G Suite productivity tools.

What's more, comments made in Drive Preview can now be exported to the underlying file so that they remain visible when the file is opened using the local client application. G Suite users can open Microsoft Office files such as those in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Drive preview, and give feedback in comments and continue working.

Google Drive yesterday announced a new feature that will help enterprise organisations collaborate easily with others without worrying about file formats.

This eliminates the need for buying for apps like Microsoft Office if you don't use them regularly but need to work on related files once in a blue moon.

In addition to making file-level comments in preview pane, users can now also make inline or anchored comments with the new feature.

This new feature is to bridge the gap between G Suite and Microsoft Office, to make it easier for people to collaborate and work together even if they are on different platforms.

The Drive preview pane allows users to comment, assign tasks and mention coworkers. The same plugin also lets users save incoming attachments to Drive from Outlook, Google said.

The search engine giant has not changed the existing ability to convert Microsoft Office files into Docs, Sheets or Slides, since some users need the full functionality.

The feature is rolling out on the web now, with Google expecting it to take up to 2 weeks to roll out fully.

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