Published: Fri, February 09, 2018
Life&Culture | By Peggy Hughes

Salma Hayek "Felt Ashamed" for Not Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein Earlier

Salma Hayek

Oprah Winfrey recently chatted with Salma Hayek as part of her Super Soul Sunday Conversation special, when she revealed that her Wrinkle in Time co-star, Reese Witherspoon, was also greatly affected by the Weinstein scandal when it first broke last October.

Now, in a conversation with Oprah Winfrey at the Apollo Theater on Wednesday night, Hayek talked about more about Weinstein's allegedly violent behaviour towards her.

When initially approached to write the essay by the publication, Hayek explained that she refused. "I felt like my pain was so small because there were so many others that had the same pain, but for me, it was so big".

Speaking to Oprah, the star revealed that she initially struggled to write the essay, and nearly didn't do it because the experience was so emotionally distressing. He denied the allegations at the time, but Salma went into further detail about her experiences with the producer during Wednesday's discussion. "I started crying because [I had PTSD]".

"I was on set with Reese Witherspoon, who has since spoken out. and some other actresses, who haven't spoken out, so I won't say who they were, and this was like two days after the Harvey scandal had broken in The New York Times", Winfrey said. News, "Mr. Weinstein regards Salma Hayek as a first-class actress and cast her in several of his movies".

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In that op-ed for the Times, Hayek alleged she was sexually harassed and berated by Harvey Weinstein for years while she tried to get her 2002 movie, Frida, made.

"[Weinstein] was not the first guy to do this to me". She told Oprah that during the five-year making and releasing of Frida, "He told me he wanted to kill me". "We are told, 'You have to be the Virgin Mary, but you have to do what I say when I say, OK? He said to ['Frida" director] Julie Taymor, "I am going to break the kneecaps of that 'c word'". The abuse of being constantly underminded because we're women. "You're reacting the way I have seen molested children act because they think they're the only ones this has happened to".

Hayek stands by her story and shared advice for women who have been in similar situations.

But the actress also expressed that it was in part because she felt her "pain was so small compared to all the other stories", and revisiting her experience of harassment was so painful.

"We have to stop apologizing for being attacked", she said. "You have to be attractive but you cannot be too attractive because then you are telling me that I can do whatever I want with you.' What the f*ck is with you?" I thought of my daughter... Mr. Weinstein never fought with Ms. Hayek on set and this comment does not reflect how he feels about her; he doesn't recall ever saying such an very bad thing.

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