Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
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Sonos Pokes Fun at Apple's Homepod Launch

Sonos Pokes Fun at Apple's Homepod Launch

"HomePod is a magical new music experience from Apple", stated Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing in.

With that in mind, I blasted the speaker in my family room and basement, as well as in a large USA TODAY photo studio and in an even more expansive, near-empty newsroom.

If you made a decision to forgo the Apple HomePod because of its price, there's good news for you.

But earlier this week, my optimism subsided after spending a bit more time with the HomePod. HomePod is unique in that it doesn't have a singular place where it sounds the best. "Siri doesn't even work as well on HomePod as it does on the iPhone".

You need to have an iOS device to use it, and you must subscribe to Apple Music to access songs.

Recode: "HomePod has what can only be explained by the most balanced audio, not just of any smart speaker but of any speaker I now own, which includes a number of Sonos speakers and a Bose Home Theatre system", said Recode's Ben Bajarin. It's more than triple the price of the popular Amazon Echo ($99).

Meanwhile though Apple's mesh fabric cover for the HomePod - available in white and Space Gray - may be acoustically transparent, its heavily textured surface may still catch the attention of your pets. If you are confident that you would enjoy the HomePod, then wait. Apple is positioning the HomePod firmly as a music device that can also help you out around the house. You can tap and hold a virtual volume buttons, and do the same to pause or skip tracks.

He also described Siri functionalities of the speaker.

Inside, eight speakers are controlled by a powerful processor.

The device's thoughtful engineering helps ensure Siri accurately hears and responds to commands. A woofer with a custom amplifier sits near the top. "Not even Siri can answer whether that will be possible".

TechCrunch: "Apple's HomePod is easily the best sounding mainstream smart speaker ever". You might, for example, ask Siri to play classical musical in the basement at the same time you play the blues in the kitchen.

"I think Siri could be expanded".

Siri gets its information from sources such as Yahoo Finance, ESPN, and Wikipedia.

But Siri on HomePod can not now hail you a ride through Lyft or Uber, launch a trivia game or arrange for an audiobook to be played. "HomePod makes the Amazon Echo and Google's Home sound muffled and tinny in comparison", said The New York Times's Brian X. Chen. If you want to do the same on the HomePod, you'll need to use the AirPlay feature streamed from another Apple device.

"You can't ask Siri to look up a recipe".

The smart speaker uses Apple's Siri voice agent, in the company's relatively late entry into the smart speaker market.

After failing to capitalize on the lead it had on voice assistants by launching Siri back in 2011, Apple appears to have missed a big opportunity with Siri yet again with HomePod. Nor can Siri identify your voice as opposed to another family member's voice, something the other assistants can do. Siri has no problem with that on the iPhone and the iPad.

As of now, HomePods are being shipped around the world with iOS 11.2.5 build 12D59 installed onboard. But it could hinder adoption out of the gate.

Find the music-playback controls - by default in the top right. Moreover, many people expressed interest in the products of Apple's competitors for a number of reasons. The sound quality is tops and design is handsome, but with a heftier price tag, lack of partnerships with companies like Spotify and Uber, and Siri's inability to be truly useful right now, it's more of an Apple aspiration than a product ready for the prime time.

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