Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

Messenger Kids finally makes its way to Android devices in the US

Messenger Kids finally makes its way to Android devices in the US

This new application by Facebook is known as Facebook Messenger Kids and this application is used for texting between kids and it is developed keeping in mind the child-friendly content that can be served on the app. Facebook recently launched Messenger Kids but it was only for iOS devices and Amazon Fire tablets. You can download the Messenger Kids app in the Google Play Store. The app is also touted as providing children with a way to contact parents, without needing a phone number. Created to be a fun space for kids, the app lets users video call grandparents and use stickers or GIFs to play and make amusing faces, exchange birthday wishes and decorated photos with other children - provided that both sets of parents have authorized the connection. The highlight of this app from Facebook is the parents can have full control of the app from their regular Facebook and Messenger app.

It's still early days for the app, and Facebook is keen to point out that it's very attentive to parents' feedback, which you can give via its feedback form.

Most experts who vetted Facebook's Messenger Kids - a video calling and messaging app designed for the under 13s - received funding from the social media giant, the WIRED has reported.


Last but not least, kids also get an option to block and report other contacts.

"It is important that families are armed with resources and tools to help them take advantage of the opportunities that the digital world offers while building good digital habits and ensuring children have the skills they need to be responsible online", National PTA President Jim Accomando was quoted as saying. Though Messenger Kids is kind of safe and possess cool features, it is still questionable. Now, today, it hits the Google Play Store.

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