Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
Sports | By Sarah Myers

NBA all-star Blake Griffin hit with palimony suit

NBA all-star Blake Griffin hit with palimony suit

The lawsuit contains plenty more detail about how Cameron supported Griffin's National Basketball Association career as well as his off-court marketing and media pursuits. She stood her ground and they postponed the wedding.

The legal claim outlines how Cameron put her own career on hold, due to discouragement from Griffin, and describes her role as full-time mom to their four-year-old son Ford and one-year-old daughter Finley, as well as Griffin's "personal assistant, meal planner, scheduler, stylist, publicist, party planner, nurse, nutritionist, branding expert, therapist, cheerleader, basketball and fitness consultant and more".

Kendall Jenner's boyfriend Blake Griffin, 28, just got slammed with a lawsuit from his baby mama! Case in point: Kendall and Kylie Jenner both have current relationships with men who have children from a previous relationship-which is all well and good until you're in the middle of a palimony suit.

Blake Griffin's ex-fiancée, Brynn Cameron, is suing him for palimony and claims he abandoned her and their two children to pursue a relationship with Kendall Jenner. After all, Griffin had no problem trading Brynn Cameron, his former fiancée and the mother of his two children, for reality television star Kendall Jenner.

Cameron stings him again, adding that he "knows very well what breaching promises is all about", citing their failed romance. Without Blake's help, Brynn says her brother has stepped in to provide for the family. The documents include love letters from Griffin thanking Cameron for "all the sacrifices" she has made.

Cameron alleges in the lawsuit that she did "everything" for Griffin during their relationship, including smoothing over his bond with former teammate Chris Paul and the Clippers.

The lawsuit does not specify damages, but Cameron says she and their children are now "homeless and cash-strapped" and relying upon a relative for support.

It is unclear how much Cameron is seeking, but she says that Griffin - who signed a $173 million contract past year - leaving has left her and their children struggling financially.

Cameron is a former basketball player at the University of Southern California and also has a child with National Football League player and Heisman Trophy victor Matt Leinart.

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