Published: Thu, March 01, 2018
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Israel detains 10 members of Nabi Saleh's Tamimi family, mostly minors

Israel detains 10 members of Nabi Saleh's Tamimi family, mostly minors

The village has been witnessing intensive night raids by Israeli army, said the village head, since the detention of the Palestinian resistance icon, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi on December 17, after a video of her slapping an Israeli soldiers who stormed her home went viral on the internet.

The teen, Mohammed, had part of his skull removed by surgeons on December 15.

"There is no limit to how low Israel is willing to sink in its attempt to discredit the Tamimis' just struggle for liberation against Israeli colonialism".

In her version of the incident, shared in front of the court during a hearing in December, she said that the same soldiers featured in the video had shot her cousin in the head with a rubber bullet an hour prior to the filmed encounter.

"We have become a symbol of nonviolent resistance, and they [Israel] don't want the voice of Palestine to be heard from anywhere or anyone", Bassem said, "who knows what they will do next". "I could not keep quiet and I responded as I did".

As the rights group Defense for Children International reported last week, Israeli military courts convict over 99 percent of Palestinian detainees, but have frequently been accused of accepting what former prisoners say were false confessions they were bullied into making.

As the Israeli columnist Gideon Levy reported, the boy had spent three months in an Israeli military prison a year ago, when he was 14, after being accused of throwing rocks at an Israeli army jeep that had broken down near the entrance to the village.

Support for a new generation of Palestinians

Israel made the claims after Muhammad was arrested along with nine members of his family in his home town of Nabi Saleh during a West Bank raid.

Ahed is famous across Palestine and the Arab world for videos of her, since her childhood, defiantly resisting Israeli soldiers who clash with Palestinians in her village almost every week.

Muhammad's injury required doctors to put him in a coma and remove a portion of his skull.

The family of Muhammad Tamimi, who lost a third of his skull after being attacked by Israeli soldiers a year ago, have proven wrong Israeli officials who accused them of inventing the story, according to the Times of Israel.

An army spokeswoman told The Times of Israel that "the 15-year-old was checked by an IDF medic and was found fit for custody". He was released later in the day after being questioned under caution.

Due to the teen's age, the tape itself was not released. Gen. Mordechai revealed that during Mohammed's interrogation by the military on Monday, without the presence of a parent or lawyer, the boy had "confessed" that "he was injured while he was riding his bicycle and fell off it".

There are altogether 20 Palestinians arrested during the raids, including minors and an injured boy.

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