Published: Fri, March 02, 2018
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Houthis killed in Red Sea coastal area of Yemen in 2 days

Houthis killed in Red Sea coastal area of Yemen in 2 days

"The Panel of Experts' final report outlined Iran's failure to prevent the transfer of Iranian arms and related material, including ballistic missiles, military equipment, and unmanned aerial vehicle technology, to Houthi militias in Yemen".

Russian Federation has vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution based on a UN report condemning Iran for violating an arms embargo by sending weapons to Yemen's Houthi rebels.

Haley's statement comes as the Trump administration is considering nixing the Iran nuclear deal unless substantial changes are made, and Haley said that the Security Council "doesn't help" proponents of the deal. The resolution would also condemn Iran for arming Houthi militias.

In the press release, Haley stated, "If Russia is going to use its veto to block action against Iran's risky and destabilizing conduct, then the United States and our partners will need to take actions against Iran that the Russians can not block".

"I came here because I don't have the means or ability to go to a hospital", said one patient, Mohammed Fuad.

After Russia's veto, the Security Council adopted a rival Russian draft that did not mention Iran and simply renewed the United Nations sanctions regime on Yemen for a year, Reuters reported.

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The National

The British-drafted resolution was reportedly backed by the United States, England, and France, and it had 11 votes in support of it.

In a bid to win Moscow's support, the draft that was vetoed had been weakened to simply "note with particular concern" the violation, which was reported to the council by United Nations experts monitoring sanctions. A second permanent member of the council, China abstained from the vote.

Saudi Arabia has been leading a mostly Arab military coalition to fight the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen since March 2015.

This statement was released a day after Russian Federation vetoed a British-drafted U.N.S.C resolution that would condemn Iran and extend sanctions in Yemen.

Iran lashed out at the United States and the United Kingdom for covering war crimes committed by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

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