Published: Tue, March 06, 2018
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Toronto police identify seventh set of human remains in Bruce McArthur case

Toronto police identify seventh set of human remains in Bruce McArthur case

Canadian police have recovered the remains of a seventh person believed to have been targeted by alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur, the Toronto landscaper accused of burying the remains of his victims in large flower planters on his clients' properties.

"I do not want to release this picture and am doing so as a last resort", said Idsinga.

Idsinga previously said about 20 planters were seized from properties across the city as part of the investigation.

Idsinga said the photo has been shown to several people, but attempts to identify him have failed. Police believe McArthur killed the men in his apartment and at least one other location.

Police believe that the photo was taken after death and have altered it to remove "artifacts" and to enhance it. "I do it with great hesitation".

Idsinga declined to comment on the origin of the image or how it came into the possession of investigators. He was arrested on January 18 and charged in the cases of Andrew Kinsman, 50, and Selim Esen, 44.

McArthur, a grandfather and former mall Santa Claus, has not been charged with a seventh count of murder related to the unnamed victim's death.

The cause of death of the victims had not yet been released by police.

Of the seven sets of human remains discovered in planters, three have been identified as belonging to Kinsman, Mahmudi and Navaratnam.

Pathologists compared the body parts found in the planters to the fingerprints, dental records, and the medical histories of missing persons going back decades, for possible matches.

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Bruce McArthur, 66, was arrested in January following an investigation into the disappearances of two men from a predominantly gay neighbourhood in downtown Toronto past year, which led police to the planters at a property that he used for storage.

The earliest murder charge laid against McArthur dates back to 2010, sparking questions as to how his alleged actions escaped notice for years.

Three sets of remains found inside planters on the Mallory Crescent home have been identified so far.

It says this news will be "one of a host of details to be announced by police at a news conference Monday morning".

McArthur is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the deaths, and the presumed deaths of Andrew Kinsman, 49, Soroush Mahmudi, 50, Skandaraj Navaratnam, 40, Selim Esen, 44, Majeed Kayhan, 58, and Dean Lisowick, either 43 or 44. In January, the Alliance for South Asian Aids Prevention called on the Toronto Police to review whether the racial or sexual backgrounds of the victims had any impact on the resources dedicated to the investigation.

Investigators have searched multiple properties in the Toronto area, including excavating the backyard at the home where the seven sets of remains were found.

Anyone who retained McArthur to do landscaping work or has information has been asked to contact the Toronto police team dedicated to the investigation at 416-808-2021 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-8477.

Accused Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur.

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