Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
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A powerful storm in the United States: the number of victims grows

A powerful storm in the United States: the number of victims grows

A mix of astronomically high tides flooded parts of downtown Boston, 60 miles per hour winds created storm surges of several feet, and almost every coastal community in MA was impacted by the storm, although some faced more destruction than others.

The National Weather Service said that while winds have weakened on Sunday and most of the rain and snow has moved offshore, flooding and extreme high tides could still affect the coastal areas from Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and NY. "Motorists may face slick patches for the Monday morning commute".

The storm morphed Friday into a "bomb cyclone" after undergoing a rapid pressure drop known as bombogenesis.

As conditions slowly improved on Saturday, the cleanup of snapped trees, damaged structures and mountains of debris began. This slower speed allows the storms to strengthen in certain situations.

"Lots of uncertainty on where exactly the rain-snow line sets up, ' forecasters wrote". In Massachusetts, Quincy police Capt. John Dougan said it's the worst flooding he's seen in years.

At least six people died in the storm, all killed by falling trees, authorities said.

Snow, heavy rain and wind storm raging on the territory of 15 States of the US East coast.

"Those two things create an environment of power outages - downed power lines and trees blocking roadways", said Steve Bellone, county executive of Suffolk County in NY.

Maggie Carmany, general manager at Row 34 Restaurant in Boston's Fort Point neighborhood, said the area seemed to have recovered and the storm brought out the best nature in people. "The restaurant community has really been looking out for each other".

Fitzgerald and her husband hunkered down overnight after their home lost power with their 3-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, she said. "But if you are one of those without power it is still a big deal".

Hundreds of crews have been clearing trees and repairing power lines, but officials said some customers may not have their service restored until at least Tuesday.

From Virginia to MA, about 1 million homes and businesses remained without power Sunday, two days after a destructive nor'easter, leaving some residents unsure when they could return home and schools questioning if they would be able to open this morning.

MEMA said the Civil Air Patrol planned to overfly the entire MA coast, including Cape Cod and the islands, Monday to give officials a more extensive look at impacts from the storm. A 25-year-old man in CT and a 57-year-old Pennsylvania man were killed when trees fell on their cars Friday. Two of the people killed were children.

Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency Saturday, which will allow the state to seek federal assistance for the recovery effort that's expected to last for weeks in some communities. The 100-year-old woman who lived in the house was rescued from her home.

A damaged building collapsed in Washington, D.C. when powerful winds hit the nation's capital on Friday, damaging a a nearby vehicle. A winter storm headed up the eastern seacoast is projected to bring rain, winds up to 60 miles per hour (95 kph) and extreme high tides. High waves battered nearby Scituate, making roads impassable and turning parking lots into small ponds.

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