Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
Money | By Wilma Wheeler

Amazon escalates feud with Google, stops sales of Nest products

Amazon escalates feud with Google, stops sales of Nest products

Amazon acquired Ring, a company that produces a smart doorbell and other home security products, in a deal purportedly worth $1 billion this week.

Business Insider reports that Amazon's retail team contacted Nest to say that orders from the online retail giant's top brass were to stop selling its smart home gadgets.

Amazon has faithfully ignored to sell some Google-branded products such as Google Home voice assistant speaker and the company's Pixel smartphones.

Amazon reportedly told Nest that this decision had nothing to do with the quality of its products.

The removal of Nest products from Amazon is just the latest development in the falling out between the corporate powerhouses.

Amazon has decided not to sell any of the newer products from Google's smart home division Nest, including the recently announced Nest thermostat and Nest Secure home security system, according to a report in Business Insider. The war between the two firms was first created in 2015 when Amazon pulled out the Chromecast listings claiming lack of Prime Video support.

Google has removed YouTube from Amazon's Fire TV streaming products and the Echo Show / Spot, asserting that Amazon broke its terms of service with those executions of the YouTube app for its part in this disagreement.

Nest in turn has chose to stop vending all its wares via Amazon since it feels the site should sell its entire product portfolio or none at all. According to a new report, Amazon's retail team informed Nest on a conference call past year that none of the new products the company has announced recently would be listed for sale on Amazon.

It's now unclear whether consumers will be able to buy Nest's connected gadgets through third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace. Amazon continues to sell similar products from other manufacturers such as August, Lighthouse, etc.

If Amazon's move sounds like a thinly-veiled plan to give Alexa the smart home edge, it likely is.

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