Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lights Coming in July

Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lights Coming in July

The press release adds: "With several products to choose from in the Philips Hue white outdoor range, you can select the best product to suit the aesthetics of your home and your personal lighting needs".

Philips is taking its Hue smart lights outside with its new luminary, spot, and pillar post products.

The new range joins the same ecosystem and communicates via ZigBee using the Philips Hue Hub. You can connect them to the Hue bridge, then control them via the accompanying app or with your voice.

Philips teased back in January that it would be launching outdoor Hue lights later in the year, and it has now provided details of the products - including pricing and availability. A few of the outdoor luminaires are ideal for mounting near a front or back door, so your lights can welcome you and your visitors to your home.

Philips Hue Calla a bollard created to be fitted in paths or driveways.

The entire outdoor line-up is supposed to be "easy to install" and is based on a plug and play system that works with the Hue app. With the Hue app, you can choose from 16 million different colors for your lights to shine.

Philips tells us that the lights will also be arriving in Europe around the same time as the United States release, though pricing specifics have yet to be determined.

The company says that it will be offering three types of outdoor lights in the US and Europe in July ...

Lily is available in a pack of three for $279.99. The PAR38 floodlight and the three wall fixtures are all Hue White products, meaning they don't change colors.

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