Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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European Union executive to seek talks with USA over metals tariffs: Katainen

European Union executive to seek talks with USA over metals tariffs: Katainen

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, warned that the "utmost clarity" as needed from Britain, especially on the issue of the Irish border.

"There was this Mansion House speech by Mrs".

After Theresa May rejected EU proposals for Northern Ireland effectively to remain in the customs union, Mr Tusk warned that progress in Brexit talks could be put at risk if there was "backsliding" on principles agreed previous year.

The debate and vote (on Wednesday) come ahead of the 22-23 March EU summit in Brussels where EU heads of state or government are expected to approve the Council's guidelines for the future relationship negotiations.

As a member of the EU, Britain is prevented from negotiating its own trade deals but Fox said his department is working to rollover arrangements the bloc already has with many countries around the world after Brexit.

He said Ms May's decision to leave the single market and customs union was "closing doors" to possible models of future co-operation. He added that the idea that a deal would be in the EU's "mutual interest" isn't true.

If Britain stays in a form of a customs union it would reduce the costs for both sides by about half, the report said.

He added: "For the moment, it is not unlikely that the negotiations will end up with a bad result, a bad result for the European Union but worse for the UK".

Rather than adopting an existing model such as membership of the European Economic Area or the European Free Trade Association (the so-called Norway model) or looking to replicate a Canada-style Free Trade Agreement, the United Kingdom will continue to press for a bespoke deal which is tailored for United Kingdom interests.

Britain's vast financial sector would be the worst-hit industry.

In the EU's draft withdrawal agreement, published in February, the three options for avoiding a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic were: a comprehensive trade deal; a bespoke, most likely technological solution; or "full regulatory alignment" between the two territories. For us this is not an Irish issue, it is a European issue.

Financial services firms would suffer the biggest hit because, unlike some automotive and aerospace firms that can switch to domestic suppliers of components, they will have to set up new operations in the European Union to continue serving clients.

Britain says the implementation period will give businesses certainty heading into next year, as the rest of Britain's future relationship with the European Union is yet to be agreed upon.

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