Published: Mon, March 19, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Vladimir Putin wins Russia's presidential election, exit polls suggest

Vladimir Putin wins Russia's presidential election, exit polls suggest

"I am sure the programme I am offering is the right one", said the man who is already Russia's longest-serving leader since Stalin.

A state exit poll put the turnout at 63.7%, down on 2012.

This is the former KGB officer's fourth presidential term as president but he has been in effective control of the country in one post or another since he emerged from near complete obscurity in 1999.

When she hadn't voted by midday, "The chief of my unit called me and said I was the only one who hadn't voted", said the doctor, Yekaterina, who spoke on condition her last name not be used because she fears repercussions. With ballots counted from 60 per cent of the vast country's precincts, Putin won more than 75 per cent of the vote, the Central Elections Commission said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday laughed off a question about whether he would run for another term in office after 2024.

The Ukrainian government, insulted by Russia's holding the election on the anniversary of Crimea's annexation, refused to let ordinary Russians vote.

The Kremlin had aimed for a turnout of more than 70% to cement its legitimacy, but the election period was muted and marked by a sense of voter apathy.

His friend, 21-year-old modeling agent Max V, also chose not to vote, saying there weren't enough candidates to choose from.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the Salisbury incident is "highly likely" to have been a state execution, and Russian president Vladimir Putin "is responsible" for the attack whether directly or through negligence. I would have like to have had an option.

"As a whole, of course, I think any sensible person would understand that it would be rubbish, drivel, nonsense, for Russian Federation to embark on such an escapade on the eve of a presidential election".

However, Mr Putin's victory came after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Russian Federation had been perfecting and building up stocks of Novichok, the nerve agent used in the attempted murder of double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, for a decade.

There was little fanfare in the campaign period and Russian news was dominated by developments in political crises between Russia and Western powers.

The United Kingdom accused Russian Federation of developing and stockpiling nerve agents for a decade, after Moscow suggested that a British laboratory may have been the source of the substance used to poison a former spy and his daughter.

Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia's presidential election Sunday isn't in doubt. After declaring victory Sunday, Putin flatly denied Moscow played any part in it.

His lawyer Ivan Zhdanov said the actual national turnout at 1700 GMT, when polls closed in Moscow, was 55 percent, according to data collected by monitors.

"I (found out) about that in the media and the first thing that came to my mind was that if it's a military-grade agent, they would have died instantly on the spot".

British officials have said Moscow was culpable for the poisoning and expelled 23 Russian diplomats based in London.

According to Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov, there were provocations during early balloting in Russia's presidential election in the United States. Russian Federation has vowed retaliation.

Despite Putin's genuine popularity, the Russian election has been blasted by outsiders as fraudulent.

Sunday's election was the first presidential vote on the Crimean peninsula since Moscow annexed the territory from Ukraine in 2014, prompting a further decline in Russia's relations with the West.

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