Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

Apple Reportedly Looking To Develop Their Own MicroLED Screens

Apple Reportedly Looking To Develop Their Own MicroLED Screens

This seems to change now.

The company is making a heavy investment in the development of next-generation MicroLED screens. We're talking several years in the future, but development work is well underway, and early prototypes are described as mighty encouraging by "people familiar with the situation".

The report also added that Apple almost killed the project a year or so ago, but since then engineers have been working on it with constant progress every now and then. Guess it's high time for them to be going en route with this plan since their screen panels are provided by Samsung, Sharp, LG and Japan Display for all this while. The move may also be damaging to Universal Display Corp, which is one of the key inventors of the OLED technology.

The news, reported on Sunday, sent stocks of display makers into a flurry. The drop of shares in Japan Display is 4.4 percent, Sharp drop by 3.3 percent and Samsung by 1.4 percent. The MicroLED screens are made of different light-emitting compounds. Building this technology in-house provides a golden opportunity for the tech giant.

MicroLED manufacturing Apple is increasingly discontented with the state of its supply chain.

Yesterday, a report revealed that Apple has been secretly working to develop microLED display technology in-house, reducing its need to be purchase panels from other suppliers. So, the firm might have to push the project back.

Ultimately, Apple will likely outsource production of its new screen technology to minimize the risk of hurting its bottom line with manufacturing snafus. The facility in California is small for production.

Currently, smartphones and other gadgets fundamentally use off-the-shelf display technology.

If Apple succeeds in developing MicroLED screens then it will have a significant advantage over its arch-rival Samsung, which is a leading manufacturer of OLED screens. LG is possibly making the display for this year's rumored iPhone X plus. Apple gets the iPhone X screen from Samsung. "But Apple could own MicroLED", said Ray Soneira, DisplayMate Technologies. MicroLED tech also lasts longer, so you don't have issues with differential wear, more commonly known as burn-in.

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