Published: Wed, March 21, 2018
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Genavieve Linkowski sings "I Won't Give Up" on American Idol 2018 Auditions

Genavieve Linkowski sings

But this isn't the only time Katy potentially shaded Taylor this season; some people thought Katy's response to fellow judge Luke Bryan using Taylor's lyric, "This is why we can't have nice things", was also a slight jab at the "Delicate" singer. After two years, one of her Twitter followers questioned Perry if she would ever work in collaboration with Taylor Swift.

Taylor also appeared to mock her rival in the video for her single Look What You Made Me Do, as she was shown destroying the same model of Lamborghini vehicle Katy used in a previous video.

"What a surreal experience", she said, surrounded by almost 100 relatives and friends Monday night at her family's home for a watch party of the nationally-televised audition. Her name is Genavieve Linkowski.

Bryan might be determining who goes through to the next round on American Idol, but he acknowledged he wouldn't have done very well as a contestant.

It seemed a particularly meaningful choice since, as previously reported, Underwood invited Rittenhouse to sing with her on stage during a 2009 return visit to Checotah Schools. For Taylor, it was three quick yeses from the judges. Hollywood Week just gained a little sibling rivalry. Lionel even compared him to Prince.

After Ben admitted he had no experience in that area and was waiting to be in a relationship to have his first kiss, Katy asked him for a peck on the cheek - only to quickly turn her head and plant one on his lips. OK, so it wasn't exactly goose bumps-inducing, but it was pretty amusing. When his week-old nephew, Rashad, was about to face the same fate, Marcio took him in and is raising the baby as his own.

Ok, maybe bringing a peekapoo to an audition wasn't a good idea after all. I'm really, really excited to have my golden ticket. Each time the poor girl started to sing, the dog made a decision to relieve itself on the floor. "Uh oh", interrupted Katy Perry. Lionel, Luke and Ryan surprised her with a room full of puppies and had her own dog, Nugget, pop out of a giant cake.

Watch the next round of American Idol auditions, this Sunday night at 8pm on WTNH and ABC.

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