Published: Sat, March 24, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

New DLC announced with release date

New DLC announced with release date

Capcom has just concluded a lengthy live stream, announcing details of upcoming updates for Monster Hunter: World.

The Monster Hunter World Deviljho update announcement will likely be announced later today during the Monster Hunter World livestream. Pesky research level degradation will also be lowered, and there's going to be a few other minor tweaks involving menus, mostly multiplayer.

During the Spring Blossom Fest, Capcom will be introducing the Mega Man voxel style Palico gear.

The Monster Hunter series is known for the longevity of its games and a huge reason for this are the free updates and contents provided to players.

This will be "Monster Hunter: World's" second crossover DLC with another video game title as Capcom previously added Ryu and Sakura from the "Street Fighter" franchise and Aloy's loot from "Horizon Dawn". The addition of Deviljho also means two new armor sets and a new weapon tree for each type. It starts on the 6th, when the Spring Blossom Fest event begins. There will be a special platter to celebrate Spring as well, so be sure to check out the food while you're hanging out. All of the weapons in the game will be getting balance tweaks on March 22nd, like increased damage for the Great Sword's Charged Slash. In-game challenges and some additional gifts are on the way.

Attacks from allies no longer interrupt you during the carving animation. Load times have been reduced, and players will also spot a new option to return to the Gathering Hall after completing a quest.

Capcom will be giving away one free voucher on March 16 that will let you edit your hunter's gender and physical appearance. And speaking of adjustments, if you're not happy in retrospect with how you've crafted your Hunter, players will be getting a free "Hunter Personal Grooming Ticket" that will allow you to change your Hunter's gender and looks, though your Palico and your name will stay the same. The PC version releases in Fall 2018.

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