Published: Wed, March 28, 2018
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Sheriff: High-ranking Michigan State official arrested amid Nassar probe

Sheriff: High-ranking Michigan State official arrested amid Nassar probe

Larry Nassar is a convinced serial child molester who was the USA Gymnastics national team doctor and an osteopathic physician at Michigan State University.

Strampel, who was listed as an inmate at Ingham County Jail on Monday night, had a history of sticking up for Nassar even when several people began to accuse him of sexual assault.

If convicted, Strampel faces five years and a possible fine of $10,000 for a misconduct charge, two years and a possible fine of $500 for the fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct charge and one year and a possible fine of $1,000 for each of the two willful neglect of duty charges, according to court documents.

Strampel was the dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, which includes the sports medicine clinic, until he announced a leave of absence for medical reasons in December. Strampel later confessed that after the Title IX review cleared Nassar, he did not try to enforce them.

William Strampel, 70, who led Michigan State's medical school from 2002 until late past year, was arrested Monday evening and taken to jail on four charges - one felony and three misdemeanors - stemming from the Michigan Attorney General's Office's ongoing investigation of the role others at the school may have played in crimes committed by Nassar, the former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics physician accused by more than 250 girls and women of sexual abuse.

Nassar, 54, pleaded guilty to molesting patients and possessing child pornography and is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. Investigators also found pornographic videos, and a video of Dr. Nassar performing "treatment" on a young female patient. More than 150 women and girls testified in court that Nassar sexually abused them. His attorney, John Dakmak, declined to comment.

A news conference is scheduled for Tuesday.

Nassar, however, did not adhere to these guidelines, and Strampel never bothered to follow up to see whether or not he was doing so. Strampel would be the first person charged at Michigan State University following the Nassar scandal outside of Nassar himself.

Back in October 2016, Strampel allegedly told a group of individuals that he did not believe that Nassar had actually committed any crimes of sexual abuse, stating how "patients lie to get doctors in trouble".

"Our clients are encouraged by the Attorney General's action today", attorney John Manly said in a statement, according to the Detroit Free Press.

"William Strampel did not act with the level of professionalism we expect from individuals who hold senior leadership positions, particularly in a position that involves student and patient safety", Mr. Engler, a former governor of MI, said in February. One victim, a medical student at MSU, said she met with Strampel on June 29, 2017, to discuss appealing a test score she received on an exam that was needed to complete medical school, the complaint said.

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