Published: Thu, March 29, 2018
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Takeaways From White House's Semi-Denials of Pardon Talks

Takeaways From White House's Semi-Denials of Pardon Talks

Three days after van der Zwaan's guilty plea, Gates flipped his plea, admitted financial fraud and lying to investigators, and began cooperating with Mueller.

Dowd left the Trump legal team last week out of reported frustration that Trump wasn't taking his advice more with regard to the Russian Federation investigation.

Andrew Wright, a former associate in the White House counsel's office under President Barack Obama, highlighted that Dowd, Cobb, and Sekulow have all denied that Dowd broached the possibility of pardons for Flynn or Manafort.

"No pardons are under discussion at the White House", Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at one point during her press briefing.

The Times reported that it was not clear if Dowd had discussed the prospect of pardons with President Trump, but that Trump had asked about the extent of his pardoning power in a meeting past year with lawyers from the White House Counsel's Office.

Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to investigators and agreed to cooperate with the Mueller probe in December.

What matters? That van der Zwaan had had communications, in the heat of the presidential election, with Rick Gates, a longtime business partner of Paul Manafort and Donald Trump's campaign deputy who is now facing criminal charges of his own.

Unique advice Robert Mueller has actually attached an ex-Trump project authorities to a Russian operative in the weeks preceeding the 2016 governmental political election, inning accordance with a brand-new record Tuesday evening.

Lawyer John Dowd (R) is met with reporters as he exits Manhattan Federal Court in New York, NY, U.S., May 11, 2011. Van der Zwaan got caught, faced charges for it, pled guilty, and is now awaiting sentencing in federal court in Washington.

In comments to the Times, Dowd denied that he talked about pardons with the lawyers, saying, "There were no discussions".

Dowd did not respond to an additional request for comment. She added waiving their potential sentences is "not being now discussed at the White House". Period. As far as I know, no discussions, ' he told the newspaper.

The White House and Trump's lawyers have regularly argued that the president is not considering pardons.

The other new piece here is that they say Gates described Person A (again, apparently Kilimnik) as "a former Russian Intelligence Officer with GRU". He said that Person A made him aware that charges could be forthcoming against them in Ukraine over their report on Tymoshenko.

"Last time I checked, the pardon power is official, not personal", Wright said.

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