Published: Tue, April 03, 2018
Health Care | By Belinda Paul

Teens shown snorting condoms in disturbing new 'challenge'

Teens shown snorting condoms in disturbing new 'challenge'

Hundreds have filmed themselves attempting the aptly-named "condom snorting challenge", with stomach-churning videos documenting the entire process.

A new craze sweeping the internet has seen people snort entire condoms through their nostrils - before pulling them out through their mouths.

The latest viral Stupid Human Trick has taken the place of the "Tide Pod Challenge" as the thing to do when you want to possibly die on YouTube.

The condom snorting challenge may eclipse the most recent viral video fad among teenagers, which involved eating brightly colored Tide Pods, reported The Washington Post.

The trend has proven to be unsafe, as snorting a condom up your nose poses both a choking hazard and risks of allergic reactions and infections, Forbes reported. Then what? You reach back and pull it from your mouth.

State education specialist Stephen Enriquez has visited schools to share this disturbing practice with parents so they can be aware of what children may be doing, KABB reported.

"Because these days our teens are doing everything for likes, views and subscribers, " Enriquez added.

Condoms are usually made of latex rubbery, and are covered in a lubricant or spermicide - which could be unsafe if inhaled or swallowed.

There is a new internet challenge that has some parents on alert and just about everyone asking questions. The report also cites an article from 2013, which says that one of the most alarming risks of inhaling a condom is the possibility that it goes down the wrong pipe, and end up to your lungs. Would it really be worth all that just to get more likes and views?' Eventually YouTube started flagging videos that showed up regarding the challenge.

Earlier this year, a game called the "Tide pod challenge" raised concerns as videos were circulating on social media showing teenagers biting into brightly colored liquid laundry detergent packets, or pretending to cook them in skillets, then chewing them up and spewing soap from their mouths.

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