Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

Snapchat Adds 16 Person Video Calls With Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Adds 16 Person Video Calls With Snapchat Filters

Two notable features coming to Snapchat should help it feel more like a comprehensive social media platform: group video chat and support for mentions.

"Today, we're excited to introduce Group Video Chat on Snapchat!", the company said in a blogpost on Tuesday.

You can use all of Snapchat's lenses/filters while in a call, and up to 16 people can be chatting at once. Facebook introduced group video calling on Messenger back in 2016, and you've always been able to tag other users in stories on Facebook-owned Instagram. When a user does this, the other users in the chat will be notified that they are invited to join the call. If you aren't ready to face the camera, you can also go voice only in the call. To start a group voice call, just tap the phone icon in a group chat.

Snapchat says that group video chats will be available worldwide later this week. However, users will be able to have group voice chats with up to 32 people.

Viewers will be able to swipe up on your Snaps to watch the tagged account's public Story or add them as a friend.

If you're tagged in a Snap, you'll receive a notification Snapchat's chat section that you've been mentioned in a Story.

So, if video chatting is something you and your friends use, you can now do it in Snapchat in addition to all of the other apps that offer such functionality. This lets you know they're on the group call, too.

Both features are set to roll out in the next week. Tagging friends on the posts and stories are something Facebook and Instagram have been offering for years, but Snapchat has finally rolled out the tag feature.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has been a relentless Borg-like foe to Snapchat, assimilating its best features and threatening its business survival.

Do you have some big news to share with your friends?

That particular component should be useful, as Snap Maps has increasingly been a hot spot for real-time, first-person updates during breaking news, like natural disasters and protests, as well as more entertainment-focused moments like concerts and popular sporting events.

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