Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
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Teen rescued 12 hours after falling into Los Angeles pipe

Teen rescued 12 hours after falling into Los Angeles pipe

Hernandez is receiving medical aid and would be taken to a local hospital, Scott said.

"We have found Jesse Hernandez", LA Fire Captain Erik Scott announced. The closed storm drain system beneath the park, which runs to the Los Angeles River, consists of miles of pipes containing varying levels of water moving at up to 15 mph - making it too unsafe for rescuers to enter.

The fire department was assisted by the LAPD, the California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks, Park Rangers, the Department of Water and Power and the Department of Sanitation.

Dominique Barraza, a family friend, said they tried to send text messages and called his cell phone. The search lasted about 12 hours.

A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said the 13-year-old boy, named Jesse Hernandez, was found "alive and talking", according to Los Angeles news station KABC.

Throughout the system, pipes are filled with varying depths of water moving at 15 miles per hour.

"That place is a maze", Los Angeles Police Sgt. Bruno La Hoz told the Los Angeles Times.

"Per the family request, LAFD released a picture of Jesse via our social media channels in the hopes that if he is not in the pipe system, someone will see him and notify LAPD".

"The vendor cameras are able to both float at the top of the pipe and crawl along the bottom".

The Department of Sanitation and LAFD worked closely to map out the closed system of sewage pipes "which requires a detailed search along each possible path of travel", according to the fire department. The system includes water from the Los Angeles River but can also trap gases, making the search risky for rescue teams. More than 20 remained late Sunday and were being comforted by city officials. "He's too young. It's just insane". The department said, "We would like to thank the entire Hernandez family for their patience and optimism".

Live television footage showed more than a dozen firefighters on the graffiti-covered maintenance building with a ladder lowered into the pipe.

Devon Guevara, a 17-year-old boy who met Hernandez and his cousins in the park while playing soccer, spoke about the disappearance and said they separated and agreed to catch up later.

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