Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
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Cardi B to Collaborate with Fashion Nova for Fall 2018 Clothing Line

Cardi B to Collaborate with Fashion Nova for Fall 2018 Clothing Line

The rumors were dismissed at the time, however, by Cardi B, who went on her social media to proclaim that she wasn't actually pregnant, but rather she was simply "just getting fat". The baby's father is expected to be her boyfriend, Migos rapper Offset.

"Yeah, she was..." the "Be Careful" rapped responded.

There are times when she gets into a pocket where she starts rapping off beat, and it throws off the whole song.

It's official: Cardi B is pregnant!

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper gamely shared monologue shtick with regular host Jimmy Fallon, played "Box of Lies" and sang "Money Bag" off her just-dropped "Invasion of Privacy" album.

Two nights after performing on NBC's "Saturday Night Live", Cardi B appears on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon".

Cardi B is well on the way to becoming an icon in her own right, but on the way there she's been paying dues to others that have come before her.

"I just feel extremely hungry with things especially because - I hate my mentality, I hate trying to prove people wrong - but it's like I have to prove people that it's like a baby won't stop me".

Cardi B is no conservative, but she's standing up for life for millions of fans to see.

Cardi's decided she can handle all of it PLUS having her first baby. because she's a grown woman who's absolutely "prepared for this".

The rapper was also gifted her first baby present since announcing her pregnancy, when guest star John Mulaney stopped by and gave the rapper a small cardigan for her unborn child, or as he called it, a "Cardi G". While I doubt that I will listen to this album straight through again, I can say that it is way better that I expected it to be.

"A lot of people was like telling me, like, 'What are you doing?'" she remembered.

She urged, "I want both".

While Cardi B's interpretation wasn't Chanel, it was custom. She should be applauded for not becoming a victim of the Love & Hip Hop franchise but instead finessing it like her smash song with Bruno Mars stated.

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