Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
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Hither Green burglar stabbing: Mounted police patrol area

Hither Green burglar stabbing: Mounted police patrol area

A local battle over a shrine dedicated to an intruder killed in south London played out for a third time on Tuesday night, as his family's floral tributes were once again removed from a fence outside the scene of the incident.

But the shrine has now been destroyed a total of four times.

The Met Police said it had not taken down any of the tributes from the fence opposite Mr Osborn-Brooks's house.

Osborn-Brooks was originally held on suspicion of murder but released with no further action.

The family of the 37-year-old Vincent have been repeatedly trying to put up floral tributes at the site of his death, but neighbours and campaigners keep pulling them down. "Where can I put them?"

"If you leave these flowers for a week to die then we will leave it".

Career-criminal Vincent's cousin, who gave her name as Elvina, said of pensioner Mr Osborn-Brooks today: "He's a coward - he won't come out when we're here".

Of Vincent's on-the-run accomplice, she said: "Billy Jeeves?"

Flowers being attached to the fence yesterday afternoon.

Theresa Webb, 43, a consultant nutritional therapist who lives on the road said the community are "mourning the loss of a life" but their first thoughts are with Richard and his wife.

"If it is a normal person it is different - it could have been my house [that was burgled]". "There were 101 bouquets down there", she added.

Scotland Yard said it was seeking Vincent's alleged accomplice, Billy Jeeves, 28, in connection with the failed burglary.

Mr Osborn-Brooks was briefly arrested but has since been released without charge.

The van was found burned out on the evening of Saturday 7 April in Star Lane, near Hockingdon Lane in Orpington.

Thousands of pounds has been fundraised online to support the pensioner.

A man wearing a hood filmed himself ripping down the memorial to Henry Vincent in Hither Green around 9.30pm Tuesday, shortly after two women appeared on South Park Crescent to reattach the tributes.

Police believe he forced the elderly homeowner into his kitchen armed with a screwdriver, where a struggle ensued and the Vincent suffered a stab wound. It is unclear what implement delivered the fatal blow.

He then fled the property at around 12.45am and collapsed on neighbouring Further Green Road.

In January, Vincent was named and pictured by Kent Police investigating a distraction burglary in which jewellery and valuables were stolen from a man in his 70s.

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