Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Racist White Woman in Georgia Caught Verbally Assaulting Two Black Soldiers

Racist White Woman in Georgia Caught Verbally Assaulting Two Black Soldiers

"I'm pregnant! Look at me, I'm pregnant!"

The altercation gets even nastier when one of the soldiers says she's pregnant.

The two uniformed women apparently angered the woman and her son outside a Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen restaurant Saturday night in Macon because they drove around her family as they attempted to park.

For the past three weeks, police say, Riess has led them on a nationwide pursuit - from the Minnesota worm farm where they found her husband shot to death last month; to Florida, where they suspect Riess befriended and killed a woman who looks like her to steal her identity; and finally to Texas, where police fear she may find her next target. The son also asked the soldiers if "the military let lesbians serve?"

According to the Daily Monitor, she used the magic voice service and made teary calls to her boyfriend on different phone numbers claiming she was in the hands of abductors who would kill her if he did not send Shs25 million to secure her release.

Ms Tucker adds: "Well, my husband is handicapped". When the savage saw she was being recorded, she began attacking.

Ms Tucker says "do not take a picture of me.put that phone down", The Daily Mail reports. Quinones, who also has two children, worked on her motorcycle before they started dating, Goldston said.

"Please love me", one of the messages said.

She said: "Yes - he may use strong language and strong words such as "spoiled" "played on" and "in a bind" - none of those words could ever come close to amounting to domestic violence as provided under the Domestic Violence Act". Another video captured outside reportedly showed Tucker crying, appearing to play a victim as the officers arrested her while her daughter Angie stood by her side. Should a man be expected to pay for a date if the woman isn't interested?

Police said Tucker insisted multiple times that it all started because she was white and that it was a race issue, despite confessing to hitting Sharpe. according to a police report.

She said "it all started because she was white and it was a race issue" - despite the fact it all started because Tucker couldn't tolerate someone not waiting for her to slowly park her auto and instead driving around to park in another parking spot.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says they've investigating an argument at a restaurant over the weekend that led to one woman's arrest on battery charges.

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