Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Russian Federation to ban instant messaging app, Telegram after highly successful ICO

Russian Federation to ban instant messaging app, Telegram after highly successful ICO

The court order comes as Telegram refuses to provide law enforcement and intelligence operations with a key to read the encrypted messages on the service.

The blocking of Telegram messenger service in Russian Federation may take several hours, Russia's telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor head Alexander Zharov told Interfax on Monday.

In addition to being popular with the Russian public, Telegram has also become the messaging app of choice for many government officials. Telegram's top officials said that this requirement was impossible to meet technically and tried to challenge it in several court battles, but to no avail.

A Russian court has ruled that messaging application Telegram must be blocked in the country.

Telegram has repeatedly refused to comply with requests to give Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) access to its users' encrypted messages. Even if Durov changes Telegram's software to try to bypass Russia's block, "he will realize that most people just don't want to bother", Kremlin internet adviser German Klimenko said on Facebook.

Telegram's domain names and IP addresses have been added to the register of blocked websites, and telecommunications providers have been told to take measures to block access to them. Telegram said those demands would be impossible to implement since the keys were stored on users' devices.

"We will inform you on the developing situation", the messaging app notified its Russian users.

"We consider the decision to block the app to be unconstitutional and we will continue", he said in a statement posted on social media Monday.

Russian Federation has acted to curb internet freedoms as social media have become the main way to organize demonstrations.

Russia's state media watchdog Roskomnadzor asked the court to ban Telegram "immediately" after its ruling. The app is also widely used by the Russian authorities, Reuters news agency reports.

The Russian president's press office said Monday it would now be using a different app.

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