Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Situation in Syria and Israel's Interests

Situation in Syria and Israel's Interests

The hit on the chemical facility comes against a backdrop in which Russian Federation has long since gained the upper hand in Syria vis à vis the USA, whose commander and chief has said he wants to withdraw from the country.

Even before the recent clashes with Israel, many average Iranians were publicly asking: What is Iran doing spending billions of dollars - which were supposed to go to Iranians as a result of the lifting of sanctions from the Iran nuclear deal - fighting wars in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen? For Russia, as seen from Jerusalem, the Iranian project in Syria is a problem but of a different magnitude and not necessarily requiring immediate or decisive responses.

The release of the photos comes ahead of Israel's 70th Independence Day when Iran will also be marking it's National Army Day.

In February, Israel shot down an Iranian drone launched from Syria which it claimed was armed with explosives.

Iran has threatened to punish Israel for its airstrikes in Syria, after reports emerged that an unnamed Israeli military official had confirmed his country was behind an attack on an Iranian drone base in Homs province. "The message is that the Iran-Hezbollah-Syria network is not going to be allowed to do what it wants - and that there will be consequences". The alleged Israeli strike on the Syrian base came five days later. It could be devastating for Israel's flourishing high-tech economy and for Iran's already collapsing currency.

If the US retaliates against Syria later in the week, Israel's choice of timing is brilliant, because in a few days no one will likely remember Israel's attack on Syria's T-4 military base except Iran, as the attention will be focused on what is expected to be a much larger attack by the USA.

For a host of reasons that vary by country, the players in the Syrian war appear willing to tolerate Assad because they're unable or unwilling to force him out.

The Sayqal base in Syria.

The Syrian air defenses intercepted all the missiles, said the reports, adding that the source of the missile strike was not yet known.

Yet one of Turkey's biggest security concerns is the Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, along the Turkish border.

Tehran is supportive of the group Hezbollah in the war-torn nation. Fourteen people were reported killed, including seven Iranian Quds Force members and the head of their drone unit.

"It has been seven years since a full-scale war broke out against the Syrian people and the government by tens of countries led by the United States, while now neither Syria is weaker, nor the USA has become stronger", Velayati said.

In an unusual move, Iran's state-run media admitted that seven of its "soldiers" were killed in the April 9 strike.

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