Published: Sat, April 21, 2018
Life&Culture | By Peggy Hughes

Ariana Grande to make surprise appearance at Coachella

Ariana Grande to make surprise appearance at Coachella

It sounded, from those 30 seconds, as though No Tears Left to Cry might be a ballad, with the 24-year-old turning her pliant vocal range to gospel.

Intentional or not, the umbrella dance sequence in the "No More Tears To Cry" video has put a lot of fans in mind of Ariana's first ever music video for "Put Your Hearts Up", which followed her success on the Nickelodeon show, "Victorious".

Fans on Twitter were predictably enthusiastic about the new record, with the hashtag #NoTearsLeftToCry trending worldwide, while the Dave Meyers-directed video was watched half a million times in just 30 minutes.

Grande also said she had been reluctant to return to the studio following the attacks, telling Billboard magazine that concluding her world tour had "been a lot emotionally". And most satisfyingly of all: "Can't stop, so shut your mouth", a recurring kiss-off aimed in the direction of anyone who would judge her - or her fans - for choosing to live, rather than mourn.

"No Tears" is the lead single off Grande's fourth album, which is reportedly her most personal yet. And followed up with a message that teased the new song's title, written upside-down.

The clip finds Ariana doing her thing while surrounded by a scene of surreal skyscrapers at night. The song was inspired by the May 2017 bombing at a Grande concert in Manchester, England that left 23 people dead, including the bomber.

Last year, Grande went through a hard time after 22 of her fans died in the Manchester bombing.

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