Published: Sat, April 21, 2018
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On Southwest 1380, Confusion and Distraction as Oxygen Masks Dropped

On Southwest 1380, Confusion and Distraction as Oxygen Masks Dropped

Flight 1380 took off from New York's LaGuardia Airport at around 10:27 am and was diverted to Philadelphia just under an hour later, according to flight tracking website

Jennifer Riordan was killed and seven others were injured when the engine of the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 disintegrated in flight and sprayed the plane with shrapnel, causing a window to blow out.

Stewart said only a "small portion" of WestJet's aircraft have the fan blades that were scrutinized by American investigators.

"As a parent, I've said to my kids, "Be kind, loving, caring and sharing, and all good things will come to you", she told the Albuquerque Journal when she accepted the award.

Riordan volunteered at her children's school, the Annunciation Catholic School in Albuquerque.

Former Continental Airlines UAL CEO Gordon Bethune said the type of engine on the Southwest Airlines LUV plane that malfunctioned on Tuesday, killing a passenger, is "the most reliable in the world".

That pilot has been hailed a hero for the way she handled that emergency situation.

Southwest didn't immediately respond Wednesday to a question about the engine model in the 2016 incident.

Investigators say metal fatigue was the likely cause of the accident, and Southwest Airlines has announced an acceleration of its program to inspect CFM56-7B engines used on its Boeing 737 aircraft. They requested vectors to the nearest suitable airport and were promptly vectored, cleared directly to the Philadelphia National at about the same location as the event unfolded, later someone found a Southwest Airlines engine cowling at Burnville, Pennsylvania.

"I just remember holding my husband's hand, and we just prayed and prayed and prayed", said passenger Amanda Bourman of NY. "Southwest Airlines planes, they operate on a much more intense flight cycle".

Other passengers managed to pull her back in after she was sucked through the window. A women sitting next to the window was partially blown out and died of her injuries.

"Everybody was going insane, and yelling and screaming", passenger Martinez told CNN.

The flight, carrying 149 passengers on a domestic United States flight, made an emergency landing, but videos and images taken on board have caused alarm because many passengers appear to be using their emergency breathing masks incorrectly. And, meanwhile, there was blood all over this man's hands.

She was calm, cool and collected, they said, safely landing the plane with 144 passengers and 5 crew members on board despite the loss of one of its engines and a shattered window in the cabin.

"We heard a loud noise and the plane started shaking like nothing I've ever experienced before".

When the cabin depressurised and oxygen masks dropped from above, Marty Martinez paid $8 for onboard WiFi so he could do a Facebook Live video and say goodbye to the people he loved, according to the Daily Mail.

In a letter accompanying the checks, Southwest said the payment was a goodwill gesture for the ordeal, CNN reported.

In other words, Capt. Shults flew the Boeing 737 for about 130 miles using just one engine and a damaged wing, after the jetliner shifted up significantly from its course.

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