Published: Sun, April 22, 2018
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Arizona educators vote for statewide walkout under #RedForEd

Arizona educators vote for statewide walkout under #RedForEd

"We have worked side by side with the education community to develop a sustainable plan to give teachers a 20 percent raise by 2020", Ducey tweeted.

"This vote was not an easy decision for educators", said AEA Vice President and Isaac Middle School teacher Marisol Garcia. "No one has more respect for the jobs that teachers do, which is why I proposed a viable, meaningful increase in their salaries previous year, as well as sustainable funding specifically for them and school facilities".

That's not good enough, the teachers say.

On Friday, Ducey vetoed 10 House bills with the same message given as why: "Please, send me a budget that gives teachers a 20 percent raise by 2020 and restores additional assistance".

Even before Ducey released his teacher pay proposal, a group financed by business allies ran TV commercials touting all that the governor has done since being elected for education. "It's time to get it done".

And they can do that, said Thomas, by repealing past tax breaks for corporations and the rich and by other dedicated funding, rather than the jerry-built plan Ducey offered just before the vote. It depends on "what's appropriate and how fast a legislative body can act", the Republican said in a Fox 25 interview.

"How are they mechanically carrying out a statewide election at 1,000-plus schools all over the state with paper ballots?" Even comparing to peer districts, administrative costs do not correlate with average teacher salaries.

"These hardworking men and women should not be paying the price of the State's cost-cutting measures", the Arizona Democrat said.

According to federal data, teacher salaries in Arizona in 2017 were actually $8,000 - $9,000 less than in 1990 when adjusted for inflation. But Arizona teachers, who are among the lowest paid in the country, say the governor has not identified how he would pay for it, and they say their schools are starving for funds after massive budget cuts since the Great Recession in 2008. Madison Elementary School District, Alhambra Elementary School District and Mesa Public Schools are among the districts that have begun informing parents about the closures.

No classes are scheduled in the Greeley-Evans School District 6 on April 27, due to a previously scheduled non-student contact day.

Lecturers themselves might face penalties on this right-to-work state, the place unions don't collectively cut price with college districts and illustration just isn't obligatory.

And Thursday the Republican Governors Association put up a commercial of its own, with video from the governor's press conference last week announcing the pay plan and praising Ducey for "strengthening our public schools without raising taxes".

Tucson Unified School District, however, announced that it will remain open on Thursday.

On that day, many Colorado teachers - including up to 425 from Thompson - will participate in a walkout spearheaded by the Colorado Education Association, Teachers from several districts have planned to rally at the state capitol in Denver to push for more education funding. However, he said district officials expect teachers to return to their classrooms by Friday. The Arizona Training Affiliation has warned its 20,000 members a couple of 1971 Arizona legal professional common opinion saying a statewide strike could be unlawful beneath frequent legislation and members might lose their educating credentials.

Walkout organizers said the protest has no definite end date, and will continue until the Legislature comes to the table on all five demands educators have made.

"What that says to me is that the path to victory is right out in front of us, and all we have to do is take it". "We are throwing away an entire generation of students' opportunity of academic success".

The vote follows weeks of mounting protests and an offer by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey to boost teacher pay by 20 percent. Leaders estimated Arizona spends $3,300 less per student.

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