Published: Mon, April 23, 2018
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Westworld finally reveals the park's location in its season two premiere

Westworld finally reveals the park's location in its season two premiere

All of the animals in the parks, like the human hosts, are artificially created - though advancements in technology have allowed them to be essentially indistinguishable from real animals.

Bernard then flashes back (or something, you never know with this show) to the night of the gala, as he and Charlotte are hiding with a group of humans as some outrightly evil hosts (like the gang that sometimes helped guests rape Dolores) terrorize and murder humans. Further, the fact that the tiger was able to move from one park to another means that Westworld and Park 6 most share a border.

If you know me much at all, you probably know just how obsessed I was with HBO's Westworld in 2016.

Unfortunately, Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Teddy (James Marsden) end up biting the bullet in the new season premiere.

The things we think we know are Dolores has achieved consciousness and she remembered everything that happened to her in past lives. After shooting a bullet through the back of Ford's head in the season one finale, Dolores and her tribe of hosts unleashed their wrath on the Delos board, leaving few survivors.

In the present day, staff at Delos spent much of the series investigating why some of the hosts were malfunctioning.

Of course we're going to continue theorizing, sleuthing, and combing through every frame of each new episode.

Arnold says he dreamed Dolores and the other hosts were on a distant shore and he'd been left behind with "the waters rising around me". We found out that The Man in Black is actually an older version of William who had been coming to Westworld for over 30 years.

Now fiery with self-recognition and full of speeches (her own #MeToo moment), Dolores and her loyal comrades take vengeance on human and cyborg alike, setting off to affirm Dolores's vision of a real world that lies beyond Westworld. Bernard doesn't look great, there's ringing in his ears and white liquid leaking out of them.

Many people in the facility have been killed by hosts, but Maeve protects Lee under the condition that he leads her to her daughter, a host who is located in a different park than Westworld now. Maeve, a brothel madam played by Thandie Newton, started having flashbacks from her painful past after Dolores repeated the phrase "these violent delights have violent ends". How did Bernard supposedly kill all of the other hosts?

Maeve also balances out the sense of irritation Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) elicits from Brits watching from this side of the Pond. It is during the breakout, that the hosts discover Samurai World, another themed part of the park.

It appears that Ford did not somehow find a way to escape death. Maeve, who chose not to leave the park on the train last season and instead returned to find her daughter, saves him from becoming host dinner, and he persuades her that he can help on her mission.

"Journey Into Night" covered more ground in its hour and 10 minutes than any two episodes of Season 1, or so it seemed tonight-especially if you haven't watched the first season in a while.

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