Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

Amazon introduces new delivery option -- to your vehicle trunk

Amazon introduces new delivery option -- to your vehicle trunk

Last year, Amazon asked for permission to drop off packages inside customer homes, and some number of people took the retailer up on the offer.

Amazon has chalked off a few more major cities for online grocery delivery from Whole Foods Market.

Amazon Prime members aren't charged extra for the service and can track exactly when the package was delivered through an encrypted key. Today, two auto companies have announced they're partnering with Amazon to bring in-car delivery of packages to customers in the U.S.

This new option is also part of the Amazon Key program, and it is rolling out to a select number of USA cities at first (37 in total), to see how well it plays out. It doesn't matter whether you pick Same Day, Two-Day or Standard Shipping; all items will be able to be dropped off to your vehicle.

If you're a prime member and own a compatible 2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle with an active OnStar account and you live in one of these 37 cities - including Philadelphia - you are eligible for in-car delivery today. Support for even more vehicle makes and models will be added over time, according to a release.

Amazon spokesperson Alyssa Bronikowski said, "Some of our customers don't have a convenient or safe and secure location to deliver their packages..." When I returned home to my auto parked on a nearby street, the package was safely waiting for me.

During my test, I received a push notification from Amazon: "Arriving soon: Your package will be delivered to your Volvo".

The service allows eligible Amazon Prime members throughout 37 US cities to have items dropped off in their auto trunks.

Customers won't be able to get in-car deliveries if they park inside gated and underground parking garages where satellite signals often can't penetrate. Once this process is successfully completed, the vehicle is then unlocked. When this is setup customers will need to make their vehicles available within two blocks of the set delivery location on the day that delivery is scheduled. When the delivery driver arrives-before your auto is unlocked-Amazon verifies that an authorized driver is at the right location with the right package, through an encrypted authentication process. If the package doesn't fit in the trunk, it will be placed in the cabin. First, Amazon's drivers have access to your vehicle and not your home.

Head to Amazon's In-Car delivery page for more information or to sign up. Amazon then notifies customers when the package is delivered and the vehicle is relocked. And as with in-home delivery, shoppers may be concerned about letting a stranger into their vehicle.

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