Published: Fri, April 27, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Kanye West Freestyles About 'White Dominance' & Slavery

Kanye West Freestyles About 'White Dominance' & Slavery

Kanye West has returned to Twitter in a big way, but several celebrities have lashed back and even reportedly unfollowed the rapper after he produced a string of pro-Trump tweets. West's tweets later caught the attention of the president who tweeted, "Thanks Kanye, very cool!"

West has been public about his support for Trump stretching back to 2016. Earlier this week, Jones said he admired West's "bold moves against the thought police" and apologized for previously assuming West was "a Democrat and a globalist". He later tweeted a warning for followers to not "let peer pressure manipulate you" if you have strong opinions.

"While Kanye West takes a stand for freedom of thought and freedom of expression, we should all support this", Hannity instructed viewers. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star also revealed that Kanye's energy and passion are one of the things she loves most about him, and that the rapper is simply being himself, and is years ahead of his time. It doesn't mean we're plagiarizing each other.

"We've been friends for a long time", Trump told reporters after the Trump Tower meeting. Then yesterday Kanye West really set fire to the barn when he posted a picture of himself rocking a Make America Great Again hat a.k.a. the new Klansman hood, alongside OG Hip-Hop executive Lyor Cohen and an unnamed white person.

West's wife - Kim Kardashian West, with whom he has three children - later defended her husband on Twitter, who was criticised by fans for praising Mr Trump.

Kanye went on another passive-aggressive Twitter rant of his own in response to the negative feedback he got for releasing the private text message. I'm sure JL didn't expect Yeezy to sabotage him like that and label Legend as anti-Trump. "When it comes to people we know, we DO speak up", she explained.

Maybe, maybe not. All we know is that this is exactly why an outlet like Twitter can be such a unsafe one, and that we're nearly scared to see where West takes things next. "He's a free thinker".

It's been a wild few days for Kanye West on Twitter, to say the least, but no one's more aware of that fact than his mother-in-law (and rumored manager) Kris Jenner. King added that his firm would continue to assist West "in any way that he wanted us to help".

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