Published: Thu, May 03, 2018
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Avengers Infinity War around the universe

Avengers Infinity War around the universe

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War! Simply put, it did. For much of Avengers: Infinity War's press tour, Holland has been reeled in from spoiling anything by Benedict Cumberbatch, but he was helpless to stop it during a recent screening of the movie in Los Angeles.

The acting throughout the movie is profound.

Avengers: Infinity War has broken numerous records since it was released, pulling in around £460m in its first weekend. Compared to MCU films of the past, at least in my opinion, family and loved ones seem to be the motivation of nearly every character. "Infinity War" offers heartbreak, humor and comradery. This was a cool scene that set up his later attack in Infinity War, but it does raise the question of what he's been doing for the past three years. In this whopping two hour and 40 minute film, it somehow feels like you are spending time in each MCU bubble.

Some fans view the supposed death scenes as the characters being transported to an alternate dimension or plane of existence, which may be the result of Thanos being nowhere near as bloodthirsty as he is in the comics. What makes it even more bittersweet is the way it is done and more specifically, their reactions to greeting each other.

Even with this better rendered villain, the story is much the same as previous Marvel films of a major, earth-shattering villain the heroes must confront. While "Avengers: Infinity War" ended with half the heroes gone, fans are not all too anxious that they won't be seeing them again. The unnamed fourth Avengers film, wich is now listed as "Untitled Avengers Movie" on IMDb, is set to be released in the United Kingdom on April 26, 2019 and in the USA on May 3, 2019. And that is exactly what is given.

The actors who play the Avengers are used to fans geeking out over them - but the tables were turned at the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 10th anniversary photo shoot. But that also doesn't mean it won't be the case, maybe not entirely but with an ending as lifechanging as Infinity War's, we're going to need that continuation Russo's.

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