Published: Sat, May 05, 2018
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Senate candidates exchange fire in Fox News debate

Senate candidates exchange fire in Fox News debate

Then after ticking off his priorities of "jobs", fighting the "drug epidemic" and protecting "the unborn", Blankenship casually drops this doozy: "One of my goals as U.S. Senator will be to ditch Cocaine Mitch".

"I'm not the product of the liberal establishment", Morrisey said, noting that Jenkins previously supported Manchin and voted for Obamacare.

McConnell is married to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, whose father - James S.C. Chao - is the founder of The Foremost Group shipping and trading company. The latest ad provides no context for the moniker. The man clearly thinks he's one of the few people watching the West Virginia Senate race who is not part of some sort of conspiracy aimed at his own self. McConnell and Republican leadership have said they want a less controversial candidate to challenge Sen.

Morrisey, who is running against Rep. Jenkins in the West Virginia Republican Senate primary, shot back at the Jenkins campaign in a tweet on Monday, calling the ad "despicable".

With November's mid-term elections now six months away, and President Trump's poor approval ratings an anchor around the necks of many Republican lawmakers, party grandees are closely watching what transpires in West Virginia.

MacCallum added that, despite those situations, his performance in the Fox News debate on Tuesday evening may have bumped his poll numbers up by as many as eight points.

National GOP forces are believed to be behind the Mountain Families PAC, an organization created in March that has invested more than $700,000 attacking Blankenship on television.

The provocative dark horse in next week's Republican primary in West Virginia - the heart of Donald Trump country - is a coal baron who spent a year in prison after an explosion at his company's mine killed 29 people.

Toward the end of the 30-second ad, Blankenship refers to the majority leader as "Cocaine Mitch" while talking about making children a priority. "Now they're running ads that say the coal mine blew up and I went to prison".

Blankenship said he disagreed with a column in the right-leaning Weekly Standard magazine that considered his bid for Senate to be similar to the failed campaigns of Sharron Angle in Nevada and Roy Moore in Alabama. During an interview on a West Virginia radio show last week, Blankenship suggested that McConnell has a conflict of interest on foreign relations issues because Chao's father is a "wealthy Chinaperson". Blankenship even called himself a "political prisoner". "I don't think he'd put up with any crap".

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