Published: Mon, May 07, 2018
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Fond du Lac man eats 30000th Big Mac

Fond du Lac man eats 30000th Big Mac

Per Wisconsin's Fond du Lac Reporter, Gorske - who holds the Guinness World Record for Most Big Macs Consumed - ate his landmark burger at the same McDonald's franchise where he first tried the menu item back in the early 1970s.

Don Gorske snacks to his 18,000th Huge Mac at Fond du lac High-school, in Fond du Lac, Wis., Nov. 6, 2001.

He's been eating Big Macs since 1972 when he bought his first one.

Having now eaten 30,000 over the past 46 years, that means on average Gorske eats 1.8 Big Macs per day for four-and-a-half decades. He said that the first time he missed eating a Big Mac was in 1982. He keeps tracks of receipts, containers, and sandwich wrappers.

That day happened to be Thanksgiving and the restaurant was closed.

Now age 64, Goerske is a retired prison guard, and he's as into Big Macs as ever.

Gorske said his cholesterol and blood pressure are normal and he weighs less than he did when he ate his 25,000th Big Mac in 2011. Does consumption of Big Macs daily make him sick? Among the other Big Mac-related facts he knows is the date that McDonald's switched from lettuce leaves to shredded lettuce - February 10, 1999.

But it's an absurd number of Big Macs. He also was featured in the movie "Supersize Me".

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