Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
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45Trump's Paris Attack Remarks 'Not Worthy' of US President - French Minister

45Trump's Paris Attack Remarks 'Not Worthy' of US President - French Minister

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor expressed hope that trump will stick to my words and repent, said: "His comments are shocking - they weren't supposed to come out of the mouth of the President of the world superpower", the Minister said in an interview to BFM.

CNBC quoted a statement issued by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that "France expresses its firm disapproval of President Trump's comments about the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015 and demands that the memory of the victims be respected".

The French government wasted no time condemning Trump's speech at the National Rifle Association conference in which he declared the Bataclan atrocity would have been stopped earlier if Parisians had guns.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian expressed his "firm disapproval" of Trump's remarks and vigorously defended France's gun controls.

The ex-President of France Francois Hollande criticized trump.

"I recently read a story that in London, which has unbelievably tough gun laws, a once very prestigious hospital-right in the middle-is like a war zone for disgusting stabbing wounds", Trump said, according to The Washington Post. A stadium, cafes, restaurants and a concert hall were attacked. "What more can I say?"

"No-one has guns in Paris", Trump said, adding that the Paris victims were killed by "a small group of terrorists". Boom!"But if one employee or just one patron had a gun, or if just one person in this room had been there with a gun, aimed at the opposite direction, the terrorists would have fled or been shot."In an attack claimed by the Islamic State group, jihadists rampaged across the French capital, initially firing on cafe-goers. They have knives and instead there's blood all over the floors of this hospital", Trump said".

He then mimicked someone using a knife.

The attacks left 130 people dead and hundreds injured.

Trump did not specify which hospital he was referring to but British media said he may have been speaking about The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, in the east of the city.

Trauma surgeons in London, meanwhile, said Mr Trump had missed the point when, in the same speech, he linked knife crime there to an absence of guns.

"The statistics on gun crime victims do not make us want to change this choice", it said. "We are proud of our world-leading service and to serve the people of London", he added in a statement.

"Gunshot wounds are at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more hard to fix".

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