Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

What to expect from Google I/O 2018

What to expect from Google I/O 2018

The absolute most clear and anticipated item that will probably be talked about in Google I/O 2018 is now Android P, the upcoming significant upgrade to the world's most famous operating platform.

Previous year it was Android Oreo, so it's likely that this edition of the event will bring the next UI from Google that developers have been previewing since March, which still goes by the name Android P. Since each new version of the mobile OS is named after something sweet (donuts, jelly beans, lollipops, etc.), many have tried to come with the potential new name, one of the possibilities linked to Google's release of its Spring wallpapers featuring - popsicles. Volvo's next-generation in-dash offering will use Android underpinnings, which will make it much easier to implement Google-based services like this. If rumours are to be believed, Android P might incorporate some of Apple's iPhone's features.

Despite those reservations, automakers such as Honda, Mazda, Mercedes, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota have committed to develop a secure framework for vehicle systems, based on Android and Linux. The JBL Link Bar is even going to come with Google Assistant integration so that users can easily control it using voice commands. Developers who intend to ship a commercial product running Android Things must sign a distribution agreement with Google to remove the device limit.

Volvo and Google are now collaborating on the project, aiming to bring the Android-powered Sensus system to market within "a couple" of years.

The next version of Android is nearly certainly going to get a mention tomorrow. But that doesn't mean Volvo's decision to lean on Google was an obvious one.

Although officially Google IO doesn't begin until tomorrow that hasn't stopped Google from beginning their announcements.

As far as the first devices are concerned, Google says we will see speakers launched from the likes of iHome and LG soon along with "smart displays" from JBL, LG, and Lenovo over the coming months. It also has four HDMI ports (presumably three in, one out) and supports HDMI switching in the soundbar itself, so it can act as a basic AV receiver as well. We have seen that till now, Google had nothing interesting to offer in this segment.

We know that the internal development team has been working on an updated version of Material Design.

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