Published: Wed, May 09, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

Gmail autocomplete: Turn on Smart Compose right now

Gmail autocomplete: Turn on Smart Compose right now

Smart Compose will suggest complete sentences once a user starts an email-everything from the greeting to the closing, and common phrases in between.

Smart Compose helps Gmail write emails "quickly with confidence", as a Google blog entry puts it, by making suggestions for the rest of the sentence as you write.

Google's developer conference, Google I/O, has officially begun today, and Sundar Pichai has taken to the stage to announce new AI-powered features for Google Photos. When you see a suggestion you like, you can simply hit the "tab" button to accept it.

At first it seems like it might get in the way, but as Google points out, it operates in the background.

Smart Compose in Gmail is ever-so-slightly different from Smart Reply.

Snooze makes it harder to forget about important emails that you can't read or reply to straight away. Or wildly inaccurate suggestions if you don't use Gmail all that often. It does so while cutting repetitive writing and reducing the chances for grammatical errors.

"It can even suggest relevant contextual phrases".

Google Smart Compose suggests phrases and words based on precedent as well as context. It then brought that Snooze feature to Gmail on the web with a big redesign that rolled out late last month. In reality, at least among those newest attributes that made it to Gmail to get iOS is now on Android for just a small while. Google plans to roll out Smart Compose to the new Gmail sometime in the coming weeks. Smart Compose is a little more hands-on, and sits right in the email compose window.

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