Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Saudi King Salman Congratulates Muslim World on Advent of Ramadan

Saudi King Salman Congratulates Muslim World on Advent of Ramadan

It is a time where Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset, and it is about 16 hours of no food and water every day for a month. For those fasting in North America and Europe, Ramadan falls on especially long days this year, with Muslims in some cities not breaking their fast until after 8 p.m.

"The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada has decided that each night, after the special prayers, the imams will be meeting with the youths in each mosque so we can explain to them the real quran and its meaning".

Among the beneficiaries is Sheikh Jamil Bukenya of Mengo Kisenyi in Kampala, says the food package will save them from buying expensive food during Ramadan and they fast with one heart.

It behoves us all to remember those who could benefit from random acts of kindness during the holy month.

All adult Muslims are obliged to fast, with the exception of the mentally disabled and ill ones who could worsen their health condition. Prophet (SAW) states "Whoever prayed at night during it (Ramadan) out of honest faith and hoping for reward, then all his previous sins will be forgiven".

The holy month is concluded with celebrations of Eid-A-Fitr in the first day of the next month where people celebrate the festival lavishly by wearing new clothes and offer Namaz. Stay connected with us to get the confirmed date for Ramadan 2018 after moon sighting.

Saudi Arabia said that the Ramadan fasting will begin on Thursday across the globe, the official Saudi news agency SPA reported on Tuesday.

Some people are exempt from fasting.

Everything tends to happen much later in the day during Ramadan. Eating and drinking in public and in cars should definitely be avoided as should chewing gum and smoking.

Brands are realizing modest fashion is a profitable business, and not just during Holy month.

ISIS has attempted to turn the time of atonement into a call for violence and bloodshed, even calling it the holy month for Jihad.

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