Published: Thu, May 24, 2018
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DICE Partners with NVIDIA for Battlefield V PC; Pre-Order Details Revealed

DICE Partners with NVIDIA for Battlefield V PC; Pre-Order Details Revealed

Dice confirmed this service will require no premium pass and therefore be free to all Battlefield players - a move that comes after the developer was heavily criticised for the price of microtransactions in last year's Star Wars Battlefront II, an incident that saw the in-game purchases removed for a period of time.

Tides of War - Embark on a journey where new content drops continuously transport you and your Company to a huge variety of key WW2 locations, where new battlefields and gear await.

Dice mentions there is a renewed movement system in Battlefield V with new animations, little was shared about it.

Battlefield V launches on October 19 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Returning to its roots, Battlefield V will take place during the WWII era, after the original Battlefield was first set in the second World War in Battlefield 1942, released back in 2002. Deluxe Edition owners will gain early access on October 16, Origin Access and EA Access subscribers will receive a Play First trial on October 11.

Battlefield V's multiplayer will introduce two new games mode on top of the traditional ones from previous entries: Combined Arms and Grand Operation. This mode lets you and three other players team up online and go behind enemy lines to accomplish a series of objectives.

Battlefield V 2

For those of you interested in watching the entire live stream, you can do so below.

EA Dice revealed details about the latest entry to the Battlefield series at a conference on May 23, 2018.

In new and classic multiplayer modes, players can lead their own unique Company to victory in a dynamic multiplayer experience where every battle is unique.

As for the trailer, it's incredibly unlikely that your actual gameplay experience will even remotely resemble what was shown.

DICE and Electronic Arts officially announced Battlefield V, immersing players in unexpected battles and untold stories of World War 2 as never seen before. Hopefully, DICE redeems themselves at E3 next month.

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