Published: Fri, May 25, 2018
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Things We Learned From Pusha T on 'The Breakfast Club'

Things We Learned From Pusha T on 'The Breakfast Club'

The photo of Houston's bathroom, taken in 2006 at her home in Atlanta, shows drug paraphernalia, bottles and cans of alcohol and spoons covered in white powder littered about the countertop.

It has been in the news a great deal lately that Kanye West has been showing love and support for controversial U.S. president Donald Trump, which those who have followed the rapper for a long time realize this is quite out of character for him.

Pusha told "The Angie Martinez Show" that the rapper, who is also his producer, insisted that Pusha use the photograph as the album artwork for his new album "Daytona". Music opens up about why he hasn't dropped any new material since 2015, feeling a ways about Lil Wayne's current situation and his thoughts about Kanye West's admiration for Donald Trump. I'm gonna pay for that.' I say, 'You my man! "I love it. I actually do love it", he said.

Laced with seven tracks-all produced by Kanye West-Pusha T, as usual, takes former dope boys, current drug dealers, and hip-hop heads alike on a shotgun ride through major kilo talk. So, there's nothing I even want to hear in regards to [Trump]-a point of view, anything.

"It's just a picture that to license it worldwide is 85 grand", Pusha T said.

"Daytona" was officially released on Friday (25.05.18), and Kanye voiced his pride in the work they've done on the LP.

The cover image is the infamous shot of Whitney Houston's bathroom which circulated major media outlets after the singer was found dead in her bathtub in 2012.

"Ayo, check out, I just got finished listening to this Pusha T album". We've spent a year and a half digging for samples and writing.

This isn't the first time Yeezy has been doing some free thinking doing album artwork. Adams was the doctor who in 2007 performed plastic surgery on West's mother, Donda West, one day before her death. I'm an idiot. Love Whitney forever and ever.

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