Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Court filing may show Russian Federation probe nearing close

Court filing may show Russian Federation probe nearing close

US President Donald Trump resumed his frequently complaining tweets, now accusing Democrats for investigating alleged Trump-Russia collusion instead of looking into more important matters such as his desire to investigate Hillary Clinton and her many campaign controversies.

However, this series of angry declaiming tweets began earlier, as on May 26, Trump previously blamed "13 Angry Democrats".

Two hours earlier, Trump suggested in a tweet that as a result of the Mueller investigation, many who hoped to work in government had to withdraw applications because their reputation was now "in tatters". With the congressional campaigns now in their early stages in many US states five-plus months ahead of the voting, Pompeo said there is much work ahead to mitigate any Russian interference.

Russian Federation denies it interfered in the election.

Trump specifically singled out, multiple times, "13 angry Democrats" involved in the probe, a reference to members of Mueller's team who are known supporters of that party.

"It's a Rigged Witch Hunt", Trump declared, questioning why prosecutors were not investigating his 2016 challenger, "the totally Crooked Campaign of totally Crooked Hillary Clinton".

Asked by CNN's Dana Bash on Sunday whether there was a larger strategy to undermine the investigation at play, Giuliani said he "couldn't do it if they didn't have the material".

Intelligence analysts and experts have rubbished the "spy" claims, saying that if an Federal Bureau of Investigation informant spoke to Trump aides observed interacting with Russians, that was normal policy if a foreign power appeared to be seeking to influence an election.

"Donald Trump won", Swalwell said.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio mentioned he sees "no proof" to help President Trump's claims that the FBI used an informant to collect data on his marketing campaign, however that as a substitute the federal probe was targeted on "people with a historical past of hyperlinks to Russian Federation that had been regarding".

Asked whether Mr Trump was trying to discredit the Mueller probe by calling it a "witch hunt", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: "I think the President is stating a fact". "He was back home, I did not, and he did nothing", wrote trump about Obama.

"It is a witch hunt", she told reporters traveling with Trump to a campaign rally in Nashville.

Trump fired Comey in May 2017.

"We need all the documents before we can decide whether we are going to do an interview", Giuliani told The Washington Post.

Trump will not agree to an interview with the special counsel until prosecutors allow the president's legal team to review documents related to the FBI's use of the informant, Giuliani said Tuesday. No matter how well WE do, they find fault. "And then you can say it is perjury, which is even easier for them, which is where I think, if they are sneaky, they are going".

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