Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
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With or Without Parents, Immigrant Children Missing

With or Without Parents, Immigrant Children Missing

Because U.S. law enforcement has different standards for adult and childhood arrivals, the new policy has lead to parents being prosecuted and deported, while their kids often remain in the States under HHS supervision.

The photos were taken by The Associated Press in 2014, when President Barack Obama was in office.

NOTE: Correction: A previous version of this post said that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had defended the Trump administration policy of detaining undocumented immigrants and separating them from their children as being "for the objective of deterrence".

While it was a nice picture, no doubt, Ivanka's timing was clearly wrong considering the Trump administration has been facing a massive backlash over the USA government's policy of separating children of undocumented migrants from their parents.

"What they are doing to children of immigrant families in our country is a crisis of massive proportions, only comparable to what happens during wars, violent conflicts or terrible dictatorships", they said. They have no compassion for the human beings involved, and they want others who might consider coming to the United States to know how heartlessly they'll be treated.

While Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the separations are aimed at discouraging immigrants from arriving at the southern border, Homeland Security officials deny that it is a deterrent policy and say they do it to protect minors.

He said that "lost children" stories resulted when HHS was unable to contact sponsors or relatives with follow-up calls on the status of the children. Both the 1997 settlement and the 2008 law are simply created to manage how children are treated at the border, especially in cases in which they arrive unaccompanied by their parents.

"While there are many possible reasons for this, in many cases, sponsors can not be reached because they themselves are illegal aliens and do not want to be reached by federal authorities", he said.

In a statement, a White House spokesman said Democrats are responsible for the separations "because they refuse to close border loopholes that prevent those families from being swiftly returned home".

"If you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you and that child will be separated from you as required by law", he said, adding: "If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children over our border". As a result, those adults traveling with children are now being separated once detained because children can not be held in adult jails.

Trump foes made their own missteps in the debate.

Clinton called on people who were also "feeling helpless" to help by supporting groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, Women Belong, United We Dream and more.

To be clear, nothing under the law forces ICE agents to rip children from the arms of their parents.

How or why the story resurfaced on social media four years after it was published was unclear.

In the midst of backlash over a new "zero tolerance" policy on immigration enforced by the Justice Department, President Donald Trump has come under fire for measures to curb illegal immigration that separate parents from their children.

It's unclear what "Bipartisan Bill!"

Trump has repeatedly referred to Mueller's team as "13 angry Democrats, " although Mueller is a Republican.

The New York Times misreported Saturday that the Trump administration "lost track of almost 1,500 migrant children" then followed upon Monday, not with a correction or apology, but by accusing President Trump with "spreading wrong information" about federal authorities ripping children from their parents' arms at the border, and then losing them. Unaccompanied minors from non-neighboring countries must be turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services for resettlement within three days of arrest, as opposed to being held in lengthy detention, and children with their families also can not be held in lengthy detention.

Officials also Tuesday they are planning more thorough screening of both minor children and their sponsors, including a fingerprint background check of every sponsor.

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