Published: Tue, June 05, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Melania Trump to return to public eye Monday

Melania Trump to return to public eye Monday

And with that, he launched into an exploration of possible reasons why Melania Trump appears to be laying low and if the press- for some unknown reason - is covering for her and the president. Her last sighting was on May 10, when she joined Trump at Andrews Air Force Base in welcoming home hostages from North Korea.

Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed to The Hill and CNN on Sunday that Trump would be joining her husband at the private event honoring families of US military members killed in battle.

Melania Trump's absence will mark 22 straight days without a public appearance by the first lady following a recent hospitalization. Before her hospitalization, the first lady unveiled "Be Best", her official platform aimed at teaching children the importance of healthy living and responsible social media use, in a Rose Garden ceremony.

A reporter for Huffington Post compared Melania's tweet on Wednesday to previous tweets from the president and wondered: "Where have we heard' this before?" Is she recovering from a kidney procedure or a "kidney procedure"?

Trump also likes to talk about how hard Republicans, his administration and he works.

Conspiracy theories are growing and not likely to stop with the latest news of the first lady's absence.

Comedian Sarah Silverman retweeted Melania's tweet with her own comment: "Who is this? where's Melania?"

Grisham told ABC News the first lady was doing "really well" and is "involved in several internal meetings with staff".

The White House said the president and first lady would host a reception on Monday evening for the families of service members killed in the line of duty. Has there ever been less scrutiny of a modern First Lady?

Other than her message chiding the media, the White House has been largely silent on the first lady's status. No other details were given. She is expected to make an appearance at the Congressional Picnic in June.

On May 14, the 48-year-old had surgery for a "benign kidney condition" but has not been seen in public since.

The president himself is also not helping the situation either, making confusing comments when asked about his wife."Right there", he reportedly said while he pointed at an empty East Wing window.

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