Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
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The Latest on Tuesday’s Primaries in Eight U.S

The Latest on Tuesday’s Primaries in Eight U.S

She could be up against another Democrat or a Republican come November. On the House side, Democratic incumbents had challengers in three races, while Republican Leonard Lance is the only member of the GOP with a challenger.

The election is pivotal for Republicans looking to end their mounting struggles and gain a stronger foothold in the nation's largest state.

But Republicans have their own top-two primary nightmare scenario: the humiliating prospect of having no GOP candidates at the top of the ticket - the governor's race or the U.S. Senate race - in November. "The Democrats have made this the highest tax state in the country".

Thousands of voters in Los Angeles County arrived at their designated polling places Tuesday only to find that their names were not on the list. Officials urged registered voters who are told that their names do not appear on the list at their polling place to request a provisional ballot.

Poll workers reported only a handful of people with outdated addresses or other issues that required some extra steps to vote on Tuesday. Iowa now has a Republican governor, and GOP -led state house and senate. Diane Feinstein is running for another term.

He said he voted because, "it's my duty".

"I'm going to pull a lot more things into the governor's office and not just see them fester in the Legislature", Newsom told reporters last week. Like Newsom, Villaraigosa says he wants to get 3.5 million homes built by 2025 and has proposed bringing back redevelopment agencies as one way to do it along with other initiatives.

The battle for the top spots is particularly dramatic in the 48th Congressional District, where voters chose Democrat Hillary Clinton over Trump in the 2016 presidential election but re-elected longtime Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher.

Californians will also vote for governor among a field that includes candidates who were former mayors - Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles, and Gavin Newsom, California's lieutenant governor since 2011 and former mayor of San Francisco.

Democrat Fred Hubbell, chairman of the former Iowa Power Fund, is the party's front-runner to challenge Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds in November, according to the Des Moines Register.

Webber raised about $400,000 and had $225,000 cash on hand, more than the next closest fundraiser, De Neufville, who loaned his campaign about $200,000.

Republicans control both chambers of Congress.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other national groups have spent millions of dollars trying to stave off a November shutout in the 49, 48, and 39 Congressional Districts. The closing days of the race were marked as much by dueling complaints over that spending as by differences between the candidates, their priorities and their styles of governing.

Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker won his primary contest as did New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat who faced federal bribery charges previous year.

As of 9 p.m., Harder said he was feeling good about early results, although a complete count remained far off. He easily won a second term and made an early declaration in 2015 that he meant to run for governor. "I don't think there will be a blue wave at all", registered Republican Keith Smith, 66, said outside a Solana Beach polling place where he voted for Cox.

Sen. Pat Bates, R-Laguna Niguel, held a comfortable lead in her reelection bid over Democratic businesswoman Marggie Castellano in a district that straddles the Orange-San Diego county line.

Democrat Bob Lambert, 62, of Fresno, voiced scorn for Republican candidates.

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