Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

Everyone's getting new Gmail - and old Gmail will soon go extinct

Everyone's getting new Gmail - and old Gmail will soon go extinct

While the company made no mention of a schedule for "regular" Gmail users, its likely both demographics will follow a similar timeline.

The redesigned Gmail will launch into "general availability" and become available to all G Suite users next month, the company confirms. It all sounds pretty confusing, but the main point is this - even if users can opt out for a bit, the new Gmail will be the standard look by October whether they like it or not, as TechCrunch notes.

The new version of Gmail is scheduled to release next month, though no official date has been announced by Google. You'll be using the new Gmail before the year is out - it's just a question of how quickly you embrace it.

Allow their users to opt in to the new Gmail at the time of their choice. "They'll have the option to opt out of the new Gmail for an additional four weeks". Google revealed that users will initially get the option to opt-in to the change or stick with the old (current) appearance. In fact, Google has been repeatedly calling it the "new Gmail". G Suite users will need to wait for the admin or IT person to make it available to them. Google said, "Approximately 12 weeks after the GA announcement in July, any users who've opted out of the new Gmail will be automatically migrated to the new experience, with no option to opt out".

Among a whole host of new features, Google will also be changing the Gmail layout in the upcoming update.

Google plans to provide further transitions in details in July but is encouraging admins to start testing it with users now.

One of the features coming to the new version of Gmail includes a confidential mode that allows you to set an expiry date for an email that automatically deletes after a certain date.

The new feature can be helpful to keep track of emails that are important to you and place them back to the top of your inbox for you to deal with.

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