Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
Life&Culture | By Peggy Hughes to screen Premier League soccer for first time to screen Premier League soccer for first time

Amazon has secured the rights to show 20 live Premier League football matches on its Prime Video service each season from 2019 to 2022. The Premier League joins US Open Tennis, ATP World Tour Tennis events and NFL games, all now available to watch live on Prime Video in the United Kingdom, and at no extra cost to Prime membership.

Oh, and a one-off fee of £69.99.

No financial figures made public so far but the figures we do know, are that there are now set to be a massive 200 of the 380 PL games each season, shown on live TV starting in 2018/19.

You can do it the other way round to get that one-off cost down and avoid getting BT internet, but it will increase the monthly cost.

However, Amazon's foray into Premier League broadcasting should not be seen as a long-term threat to Sky and BT, Liberum media analyst Iain Whittaker insisted.

These two three-year lots of 20 games a season failed to reach their reserve price in the auction in February, when BT and Sky spent £4.5billion (€5.1b) between them on 160 games.

Of course, if you are already a Sky Sports customer these prices are liable to be negotiated, these prices are for getting all the packages from scratch. That results in 20 matches in total.

Facebook made a major bid previous year to stream cricket matches from the Indian Premier League and is streaming Major League Baseball games, while Twitter has streamed baseball and professional hockey games.

These two remaining packages of rights were specifically created to appeal to the internet giants such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Facebook and Google as online streaming continues to rise in popularity.

It's the first time a digital streaming provider has won the rights to show Premier League matches in the United Kingdom.

The Premier League is easing into doling out fixtures to streaming video.

In a statement, Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said: "We are extremely pleased that Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon have invested in these rights and all view the Premier League and our clubs as vital parts of their live sports offerings".

In contrast, the Premier League will be delighted with this outcome after having secured a leading online giant.

No doubt the organisation are excited about tapping into a network of 100 million Prime members worldwide - over ten times the number of subscribers to Sky, who have been experiencing falling viewership in their sports packages in recent years. Though Amazon may have gotten a discount, its Premier League price tag would still likely hit nine figures in US dollars.

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