Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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Severed rattlesnake bites Corpus Christi man

Severed rattlesnake bites Corpus Christi man

A man from Texas received a potentially fatal dose of venom after being bitten by the head of a rattlesnake - even though he'd just decapitated it.

Jennifer Sutcliffe told TV station KIII that she and her husband were doing yard work at their home near Lake Corpus Christi when he came upon a 4-foot rattlesnake.

When he picked up the snake's remains to dispose of them, the head bit him. "He had to rip it off".

KIII-TV reports the victim had to get 26 doses of antivenom.

The man was transported via helicopter to a hospital, where doctors said there was a chance he wouldn't make it. It was an hour away, Sutcliffe told The Washington Post. Doctors told her a normal bite is usually treated with two to four doses.

And no matter how many times you've seen some roo head do it in a Hollywood movie, don't attempt to suck the venom from the wound.

A man was bitten by a dead snake on Memorial Day in Texas, US.

"I reached down to pull out a little area of grass that was growing around one of my flowers, and I nearly grabbed the snake", she told The Washington Post.

The man is now reportedly in stable condition.

He was eventually airlifted to Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital, she said.

"A severed viper head certainly can deliver a unsafe bite, as can the unsecured head of a recently "killed" snake", Harry Greene, a herpetologist and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Cornell University, told NPR.

FYI: A snake's internal organs are still alive even an hour after they have been beheaded as their metabolism is slower than humans. A better option, experts say, is to call animal control to have the snake safely removed.

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