Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
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At a fashion show, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade remembered

At a fashion show, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade remembered

Suicide rates have been rising significantly in nearly every state; in both men and women; and across all age and ethnic groups, according to an alarming new CDC report released the same week that both fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain reportedly took their own lives.

"That's one of the biggest problems we have".

The report comes as the deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and chef, writer and TV personality Anthony Bourdain this week, both of apparent suicide, have thrust the issue into the national spotlight.

In 2016, almost 45,000 Americans aged 10 and older died by suicide.

"Research for many years and across social and health science fields has demonstrated a strong relationship between economic downturns and an increase in deaths due to suicide", Sarah Burgard an associate professor of sociology at the University of MI, explained in an email on Thursday.

"Mental health conditions are often seen as the cause of suicide, but suicide is rarely caused by any single factor", the CDC reports.

The report also found that about half of the Americans who died by suicide had not been diagnosed with a mental health condition at the time of their death.

Take the person to an emergency room or seek help from a medical or mental health professional.
Twenty-five states experienced a rise in suicides by more than 30 percent, the government report finds. Among middle-age people across the country, marriage rates have declined, and social isolation has increased.

"In general your loved one, you know them way better than other people would and you would know if something was a little bit different", said Zallar.

As suicide becomes more of a public health problem, there are a number of organizations that provide free support for people in need. "We call it a care plan, and it's a way for people to stay safe when they feel suicidal urges come out", said Scott Langernecker, Illinois chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Research shows suicides are up in nearly every state across the country.

"We don't think we can just leave this to the mental health system to manage".

But there are other things that could help decrease suicide rates too, like keeping more firearms out of the hands of vulnerable people. In 2016, Kentucky reported 756 suicides, West Virginia reported 362 and OH led the area with 1,707.

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Oregon's rate climbed to 17.8 suicide deaths per 100,000.

In Missouri, the state has also struggled with funding for suicide prevention.

Those who need help can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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